Tattoo Aftercare

Once a tattoo is on your body it is your responsibility

A fresh tattoo is an open would – treat it with care and common sense.

Day 1

  • Leave the dressing on for at least an hour, no longer than 24 hours.
  • Remove the dressing in the shower and clean the tattoo with your CLEAN fingertips in a circular motion using antibacterial soap, eg carex. DO NOT use flannels or bars of soap as these harbour bacteria.
  • Increase the temperature of the shower gradually until it is as hot as you can bear it. Rinse the tattoo for at least 5 mins. This will wash off the Vaseline and any excess ink and blood. The hot water also brings blood plasma to the surface of the skin which will minimise the scabbing on your new tattoo.
  • Pat the area dry with a CLEAN towel. DO NOT rub.
  • Leave your tattoo to dry for a few minutes, it will look like ot is sweating or bleeding slightly, this is normal, just pat it dry again.
  • DO NOT recover the tattoo, it needs to breathe.
  • DO NOT bath or go in standing bodies of water e.g. swimming pools, they harbour bacteria which will cause a nasty infection. Also soaking the tattoo damages the scab.

First Week

  • Gently wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap, as on day 1, in the shower once a day. You don’t need to use mega hot water now.
  • Rub a small amount of BEPANTHEN onto the tattoo. Only do this once or twice a day as too much will stop the tattooed skin from breathing.
  • DO NOT let your clothes or jewellery rub the tattoo, this will damage it. E.g a belt rubbing a lower back tattoo or a bracelet rubbing a wrist tattoo. This is bad!
  • It is normal for your tattoo to itch. DO NOT pick or scratch. YOU WILL DAMAGE YOUR NEW TATTOO.

First 6 weeks

  • DO NOT soak in baths, swimming pools or any other standing bodies of water. They harbour bacteria and WILL cause infection.
  • DO NOT go on sunbeds or go sunbathng. This WILL damage your and fade your new tattoo.
  • It s normal for your new tattoo to be dry for a few weeks. Apply a SMALL amount of E45 whenever it feels dry.
  • Most importantly…. ENJOY… and if you have any problems or questions feel free to pop in or give us a bell… we’re here to help.


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